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I love you, servo skull.
New Zealand
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Well, after the Games Workshop fustercluck that was the month of May, I've had to dump my plan of making a Haemonculus Coven army for my Dark Eldar, since a group of 4 grotesques was going to cost me as much as a battleforce. No thanks. Price increases, switching to a cheaper material, and putting an embargo on the only online shop which gives NZ/Australia a decent price to buy Warhammer minis at, all within the same announcement? Bit of a PR blunder, I think.

Serendipitously, Privateer Press are having a very generous sale until the 20th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Warmachine, and I got myself a starter pack. I thought it was great value. You buy a faction's battlegroup, and a faction-themed token set, and they throw in a set of dice and the MAIN RULEBOOK for free. My Protectorate of Menoth starter pack just arrived yesterday and I've already been assembling and painting my Warcaster and the Warjacks. They're pretty nice. They're the new plastic/resin mix they came out with last year. While I'm apprehensive about resin in general, these seem pretty good quality. The models feel much like a regular plastic one, but much harder. They don't seem to have any of the inherent brittleness of pure resin.

The game seems pretty fun as well. Warmachine and Warhammer work in similar ways, but in Warmachine, your Warcaster (The lone, compulsory HQ unit) is very powerful even by himself, and he has Focus tokens he generates each turn. These are distributed amongst your Warjacks to allow them to charge, and perform special attacks. This means that even if you lose a few 'Jacks, you don't have to spread your Focus as thin, and your remaining units get that much tougher. A warcaster retaining all of his Focus can smash even a Heavy Warjack to pieces.


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